Monday, July 29, 2013

Philanthropist, Geologist and Edwards Aquifer Steward George Mitchell Dies at 94

George Phydias Mitchell 1919-2013
George P. Mitchell, a Friend of Jacob's Well the Edwards Aquifer and Barton Springs, died  last Friday morning at the age of 94.   Mr. Mitchell was a geologist, an independent oil and gas and real estate developer, and a major Texas philanthropist.  

Mr. Mitchell understood the vulnerability and importance of the Edwards Aquifer to central and south central Texas.  He and his wife, Cynthia Mitchell, who died in 2009, were early donors to the Save Our Springs Alliance in the 1990s. In the 2000s, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell provided over $3 million in funding to help launch and sustain the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance and its member groups, including SOS Alliance and Wimberley Valley Watershed Association (WVWA).  Mr. Mitchell with the help of his sons Scott and Kirk provided funding at a critical juncture to help the WVWA and Hays County save and protect the land at Jacob's Well, near Wimberley.  The land is now a Hays County preserve.  The Jacobs Well Spring is a critical source of contributing flows to the downstream Edwards Aquifer and Barton Springs.

In more recent years, the Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation has become one of the largest funders for groups working to protect the Edwards Aquifer and the waters of Texas.  Mr. Mitchell's son, Kirk Mitchell, is Board Chair Emeritus of the SOS Alliance. Our sympathies go out to Kirk and the entire Mitchell Family. 

We will be forever grateful for George and Cynthia Mitchell's support for protecting Barton Springs, Jacob's Well and the Edwards Aquifer.  Mr. Mitchell was the rare oil and gas pioneer who also understood that water and energy conservation are critical to sustaining a healthy planet. 

You may read more about Mr. Mitchell and the Mitchell Foundation at                                                      

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